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Save Water Save Future September 4, 2008

Posted by Mandeep Singh in Save Water.
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Hello Everybody,

Water is one of the major essential necessity of life.  According to geography 70% of our earth is water but less than 1% of this 70% water is fit for drinking. There is billions of people in world which don’t get sufficient water for drinking. Mainly in deserts people don’t take a bath for weeks because they know the importance of water. In which areas water is enough, people don’t take care of it.

In Chandigarh we have no problem of water thanks to Bhakra Dam. But i release that people are very irresponsible, they waste water. I just want to write some commen thing with we can save some water and this is very easy to do.

1. Bath with Bucket : If we having bath with bucket and shower we can save 80% of water if we bath with shower.

2. Washing Car or Vehicle With Wet Cloth : If we use pipes for the we waste much water and but washing with wet cloth is good to clean more and save water too.

3. Use Water In Garden After Wasting Vegetable : Whenever you washing any vegetable, fruits and other cookery item you can put that water to plants or you can put it in your garden.

4. Use Brick in Toilet Tank : I read this tips in newspaper that we can put 1 or 2 bricks in our toilet tank so we can make it less water storage.

I just remember these 4 guidelines to save water.

If you have any kind of water saving tip please let me know i will add it right now.

I now i cant make much different with writing this post but still i want to try.

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