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Why our right hand is much colder than left? January 21, 2010

Posted by Mandeep Singh in About Me.
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I am watching a comedy movie and enjoying it. Suddenly i realize that my right hand is getting much colder than my left. It’s very rare thing but normally happen with almost everyone. I thought it is because of keeping my left hand cover or in pocket that why. To get right answer I search google.

There are many answer saying same what I thinking but I got another answer maybe I thought its can me real reason for it. And the answer is because of blood circulation. Our heart is on our left side of body so our left arm get quicker response from heart. Opposite right hand need to wait for bit long than left so its colder.

Then trying to research more and i find one saying that normally its happen with someone afflicted anxiety, the stage where you have a mental tension or pressure, that cool thing but I don’t really believe it.

Will talk to my doctor about that anxiety post make me little tension. 😦