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Where would you be if your mother not allowed to be born? January 25, 2010

Posted by Mandeep Singh in India.
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That the slogan of govt on “National Girl Child Day” Actually that day was on 24th Jan. And i am writing one day late. The ratio of girls is so bad here in Punjab and other northern parts of India. I am feeling very sad writing this that these days if you give birth to girl in your family that not a celebrating moments. Many of people feel disappointing if they have girls. But I don’t know when these people understand that without girls we can imagine our further.

In west women have equal power and status like men. They can do marriage as they want to, they can do any job. But till we are stuck with our stupid old culture we can get out this. We always like to say that India is great. where its great in policies? corruption? killing girls in womb?

As a good citizen I always support my India, but not to those bad things about it. In my eyes every human being is same to us. I don’t supports those who really pushing bad and have old thinkings.