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What A Fog Day? January 18, 2010

Posted by Mandeep Singh in About Me.
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I just awake up early to check out my mail in morning at 7am. Then moved toward my kitchen to have glass of water. As i am always exited about fog, so i open door of our balcony and i saw the cool, whitish fog all over, try to make everything white. Normally every year there will some fog, but this year winter break all records from last 20-30 years. As according to me its mine coldest winter of life.

The best way to enjoy it is go out, just take care you done with all needed clothing. I dont have time in morning to go out. normally all morning  i am sleeping..lolz 😀 Awake at 11/12am daily. That why i get time in evening to enjoy fog. Ok you done with your clothing and dont take any vehicles just try to go on walk and enjoy some hot snacks. I eat like samosas, hot gulab jamubs etc.

I am not so good writer, still needs to improve much..:( But i will always try to share some moments here you guys..:D