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Whats wrong i done? February 3, 2010

Posted by Mandeep Singh in About Me.
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Sometimes we get into situation, we think whats wrong i done? We thinking a lot about it and don’t get right answer. Last week one of friend said “Mandeep i cant take our friendship longer this is my last words for you don’t try to contact me again”. Normally I don’t have time to waste thinking about this kind of stupidity.

Actually this start when I got a new orkut friend. I try to good friend always. Share almost everything about myself. Tell everything true because i want be good friend, a friend who don’t hide anything about his friends. I know in start i lie to him, about my gf but i told the true, apologize too for my lie. After one day of that phone conversation, i call my same friend again as he got disappoint because some of his roommates making fun of him. But he take all that out on me.

This not happened with me 1st time. When I am in 9th have an affair with very sweet girl. She is very nice, kind heart and pretty too. We both talk from our eyes. Dont talked too much just with our eyes, waving each other. That time I really got know that why these things are important for us, feeling, caring, love someone and get be loved. Our life is so empty if we don’t have anyone who love us and to love .

Because of my very bad behavior, now the person whom she hurt most in her life is me. Sometimes we don’t know how important is that person in our life, we don’t respect their feeling and caring. And one day they gone, all because of our own. One day we realize, life can we more good if that time we did some efforts to say sorry, please don’t go.

Saying that we cant get love again in our life. Sometimes the circumstances are different there is no choice. But if our love is really true and we are confident, god will never disappoint us.