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Why i am not slept yet? February 16, 2010

Posted by Mandeep Singh in About Me.
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Hi readers.
This question answer i am looking for too. Today i did some very important business deal that are running in my mind continuously which not let me to sleep. As everyone have many dreams in life i have too. For that dream i work very hard. Sometimes i don’t sleep well.
There are many opportunities we got in life but some we need to write ourself. If we think that we left everything on our future or god then it’s not right. As i know god and luck are very important but that don’t mean you fully depend don’t give your best.
Dream are what make us not to sleep and its us who make them true. Always work to live your dream not to wait for them. God help only to those who help them self!
Well answer of this question is excitement to live my dream wont make me sleep till now. Its 1.18am now. I think now i will sleep as i express my feeling..:D
Thanks for reading, write me back with your comments 😛