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Drona (Abhishek Bachchan) in Bigg Boss House.. September 28, 2008

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As there is eviction day. But on this black day bigg boss give all house mate a surprise with Abhishek Bachchan.

On promotional campaign Abhishek Bachchan entries the house for some time.

This Time bigg boss evicted the Raja from house but Raja goes in Bigg boss secret room from where he can see all movements in house.



Alina I Miss you… September 20, 2008

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I dont believe still Alina is out of Bigg Boss house well this is very said but Alina really its nice to see you there.

Hope you will do good in your futhure so that i can see you again.

Raja is again save from evication/

Diana Hayden ! New Member in Bigg Boss House September 18, 2008

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After the fight between Raja and Sambavana, Raja got nominated by Bigg Boss for evection and Alina from other members of house. 

As there is one member less the 1997 Miss World Diana Hayden enter the house in this week. She is very preity and good looking. Hope this will make some different enviroment in house.

Well this week again house mate are failed to do task of bigg boss. The task is save the water from the big water tank which had 4 holes on each direction and distance. This tasks is needed to do 24 hours but house mate dont save the water as they need to do.

Diana Hayden ~ Wild Card Entry in Bigg Boss 2 September 16, 2008

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Yesterday there is very specail day for some of bigg boss love. That there is a new wild card entry of 1997 Miss World Diana Hayden.

She is very sweet and talkative girl. I think this time Rahul Mahagan got a new girl to flirt lolz..

Let enjoy the mood hope she will fill the empty place of cook.

School Time In Bigg Boss 2 September 10, 2008

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This time bigboss put a very funny task for all member. The task is school in Bigg Boss House.

Its very funny to see the adults wearing shorts, doing school with bag and water bottle.

Ashu is principle of school

Please watch it and enjoy it.

Mandeep Singh

Monika Out Biggboss House in 3rd Eviction September 5, 2008

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Hello everybody,

Well Rahul Mahajan is save again, Monika Bedi is out in 3rd Eviction in Biggboss 2. This is 2nd time Rahul Mahajan is save from evitions. 1st time with Rakhi and this time with Monika Bedi.

Save Water Save Future September 4, 2008

Posted by Mandeep Singh in Save Water.
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Hello Everybody,

Water is one of the major essential necessity of life.  According to geography 70% of our earth is water but less than 1% of this 70% water is fit for drinking. There is billions of people in world which don’t get sufficient water for drinking. Mainly in deserts people don’t take a bath for weeks because they know the importance of water. In which areas water is enough, people don’t take care of it.

In Chandigarh we have no problem of water thanks to Bhakra Dam. But i release that people are very irresponsible, they waste water. I just want to write some commen thing with we can save some water and this is very easy to do.

1. Bath with Bucket : If we having bath with bucket and shower we can save 80% of water if we bath with shower.

2. Washing Car or Vehicle With Wet Cloth : If we use pipes for the we waste much water and but washing with wet cloth is good to clean more and save water too.

3. Use Water In Garden After Wasting Vegetable : Whenever you washing any vegetable, fruits and other cookery item you can put that water to plants or you can put it in your garden.

4. Use Brick in Toilet Tank : I read this tips in newspaper that we can put 1 or 2 bricks in our toilet tank so we can make it less water storage.

I just remember these 4 guidelines to save water.

If you have any kind of water saving tip please let me know i will add it right now.

I now i cant make much different with writing this post but still i want to try.

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Bigboss Season 2 – Interesting Indian Reality show September 2, 2008

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Today i like to write about my best TV Reality show “Bigboss”. Bigboss is carbon copy of UK Big Brother TV show. There are 12-14 contestants which locked in big home with all living things. As there are many cameras watching there every moments. Well now Bigboss 2 is running as 1st session is held in 2006 and former bollywood star Rahul Roy is winner of it.

14 Consterstants are Like :

1. Ahsaan Qureshi (Stand-up Comedian )

2. Ashutosh Kaushik (Winner of MTV 5)

3. Debojit Saha (Winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2005)

4. Ketaki Dave ( TV Actress)

5. Monica Bedi ( Actress and Ex-Girlfriend of Abu Salem)

6. Rahul Mahajan (Son of Late Pramod Mahanjan)

7. Raja Chowdari (Ex-Husdand of Shewta Tiwari)

8. Sambhavana Seth ( Item Girl)

9. Zulfi Syed ( Actor and Model)

10. Alina Wadiwala (New Face)

11. Payal Rohatgi ( Item Girl)

Evicted ::

12. Sanjay Nirupam ( Politician )

13. Rakhi Vijan ( TV Actress)

Walked Out

Jade Goddy one the British TV Actress also participating in this season but as her latest medical reports she have cancer so she walked out on 2nd day after entrance.

I personally think the winner will be Ahsaan or may be Alina, but as this is a game of lets see and enjoy it.

Mandeep 😀

My Name Is Mandeep Singh September 1, 2008

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Today i am feeling very proud to write this blog post “My Name is Mandeep Singh” . First thing which i want to tell that i am SEO Consultant from Chandigarh, India. Chandigarh is upcoming IT Hub of India as with Rajiv Gandhi IT park is there, many companies like Infosis, already open their office.

Now i want to tell you about me. I am simple sikh guy who born in very simple Sikh family from Ambala, Haryana which is only 45 km away from Chandigarh. As my birthday is 19-12-1988 i am going of 20-year-old in coming December. My Father was a bus Conductor in CTU. He is good and hardworking person on which footprints i want to walk.

About Education i don’t have much to say, i did my 8th class from Air force school and 10 from Govt Model School. After that i start playing cycle polo. I am member of Chandigarh National Cycle Polo Team in 6 National and also played an International Match With Pakistan in May 2005 at Sector 17 Football Stadium.

I am working as submitter in webmaster company which name I can’t write here. I do what i think i need to do, something you have much good knowledge but people cant give you right platform to use it. I am always like to learn more and more [What i am doing now too]. So i just started doing experiments with it, one day i see that some guys working as a Freelance SEO who don’t have a single site, they just have some blog on blogspot, wordpress etc. I do same get some blog and promote them well my first keyword which i optimize is “seoblog” well i successful to get in top 5# of this. I am very happy with this. Slowly – 2 i start to spread my firm name “dreamsubmitting” on google. Google is always my first choice, i am always like its speed and search quality.

While search my search of “dreamsubmitting” i saw that google is updating something in its searches. After Morning i check have 20,000+ results of my name in google.

I will Continue it in Next Post 😛