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My Daughter – Harneez Kaur February 1, 2021

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Got Married Lets Meet My Wife December 1, 2018

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She is with me from last 8 years when I started my career with my new office at Sector 22 Chandigarh India.

Why i am not slept yet? February 16, 2010

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Hi readers.
This question answer i am looking for too. Today i did some very important business deal that are running in my mind continuously which not let me to sleep. As everyone have many dreams in life i have too. For that dream i work very hard. Sometimes i don’t sleep well.
There are many opportunities we got in life but some we need to write ourself. If we think that we left everything on our future or god then it’s not right. As i know god and luck are very important but that don’t mean you fully depend don’t give your best.
Dream are what make us not to sleep and its us who make them true. Always work to live your dream not to wait for them. God help only to those who help them self!
Well answer of this question is excitement to live my dream wont make me sleep till now. Its 1.18am now. I think now i will sleep as i express my feeling..:D
Thanks for reading, write me back with your comments 😛

Awesome Track By Sarkhi K Munda Chandigarh Jaave – Chandigarh Fever February 5, 2010

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Singer – Sarthi K
Music – Daavi Singh
Lyrics – Jaggi Thora

Whats wrong i done? February 3, 2010

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Sometimes we get into situation, we think whats wrong i done? We thinking a lot about it and don’t get right answer. Last week one of friend said “Mandeep i cant take our friendship longer this is my last words for you don’t try to contact me again”. Normally I don’t have time to waste thinking about this kind of stupidity.

Actually this start when I got a new orkut friend. I try to good friend always. Share almost everything about myself. Tell everything true because i want be good friend, a friend who don’t hide anything about his friends. I know in start i lie to him, about my gf but i told the true, apologize too for my lie. After one day of that phone conversation, i call my same friend again as he got disappoint because some of his roommates making fun of him. But he take all that out on me.

This not happened with me 1st time. When I am in 9th have an affair with very sweet girl. She is very nice, kind heart and pretty too. We both talk from our eyes. Dont talked too much just with our eyes, waving each other. That time I really got know that why these things are important for us, feeling, caring, love someone and get be loved. Our life is so empty if we don’t have anyone who love us and to love .

Because of my very bad behavior, now the person whom she hurt most in her life is me. Sometimes we don’t know how important is that person in our life, we don’t respect their feeling and caring. And one day they gone, all because of our own. One day we realize, life can we more good if that time we did some efforts to say sorry, please don’t go.

Saying that we cant get love again in our life. Sometimes the circumstances are different there is no choice. But if our love is really true and we are confident, god will never disappoint us.

Where would you be if your mother not allowed to be born? January 25, 2010

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That the slogan of govt on “National Girl Child Day” Actually that day was on 24th Jan. And i am writing one day late. The ratio of girls is so bad here in Punjab and other northern parts of India. I am feeling very sad writing this that these days if you give birth to girl in your family that not a celebrating moments. Many of people feel disappointing if they have girls. But I don’t know when these people understand that without girls we can imagine our further.

In west women have equal power and status like men. They can do marriage as they want to, they can do any job. But till we are stuck with our stupid old culture we can get out this. We always like to say that India is great. where its great in policies? corruption? killing girls in womb?

As a good citizen I always support my India, but not to those bad things about it. In my eyes every human being is same to us. I don’t supports those who really pushing bad and have old thinkings.

Why our right hand is much colder than left? January 21, 2010

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I am watching a comedy movie and enjoying it. Suddenly i realize that my right hand is getting much colder than my left. It’s very rare thing but normally happen with almost everyone. I thought it is because of keeping my left hand cover or in pocket that why. To get right answer I search google.

There are many answer saying same what I thinking but I got another answer maybe I thought its can me real reason for it. And the answer is because of blood circulation. Our heart is on our left side of body so our left arm get quicker response from heart. Opposite right hand need to wait for bit long than left so its colder.

Then trying to research more and i find one saying that normally its happen with someone afflicted anxiety, the stage where you have a mental tension or pressure, that cool thing but I don’t really believe it.

Will talk to my doctor about that anxiety post make me little tension. 😦


I am Running For Chandigarh and you?? January 21, 2010

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Hi Guys,

On upcoming 31st Jan, 1st Chandigarh Marathon going to host. As we know all time these kind of big events are hosted in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi. It’s nice thing for people of Chandigarh to show that how forward are we people to attempt new and good things. That make us very kind among others.

I got a chance to visit other parts of India like Orrisa, Jammu, Maharastra, Chattisgard, Uttar pardesh and Kolkatta. It’s nice to meet new people and learn about their life style and how people react when they know we are from Chandigarh.

One thing is our nice attitude and treat to give everyone smile :D.

Check here for more details of maps and timing of Chandigarh Marathon : http://www.watchchandigarh.com/2010/01/20/run-chandigarh-in-first-city-marathon/

Thank for reading all..

Cold Ride, Really Enjoying. January 19, 2010

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Today in noon time i need to attend meeting with a company head about some business. As I thought its good to go out in noon not morning and fortunately that person ask me to meet after 2.30pm. I get ready and take one of my guy with me as i just passed some way the wind are getting colder and I don’t think that this will be so cold. The cold wind entering into my sleeves and make my whole arm feeling colder. That a wrong choice I don’t wear full sleeves inner and my new blackberry jacket can’t help me out. 😦

But after sometime it’s getting good. I am enjoying ride of scoot. My scoot is white and very old more than 10 years. Its name TVS scooty a girls ride now mine. It’s not looks so good, but very good ride if you really need visit a somewhere on time :). I am riding it from almost year. It’s seriously nice ride if you drive or sit back.

The cold breeze are coming and passing my ears, nice but so cold..that the experience I like much. Will do as I get time.

Ok its 12.15am, getting sleepy gdnt 😀

What A Fog Day? January 18, 2010

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I just awake up early to check out my mail in morning at 7am. Then moved toward my kitchen to have glass of water. As i am always exited about fog, so i open door of our balcony and i saw the cool, whitish fog all over, try to make everything white. Normally every year there will some fog, but this year winter break all records from last 20-30 years. As according to me its mine coldest winter of life.

The best way to enjoy it is go out, just take care you done with all needed clothing. I dont have time in morning to go out. normally all morning  i am sleeping..lolz 😀 Awake at 11/12am daily. That why i get time in evening to enjoy fog. Ok you done with your clothing and dont take any vehicles just try to go on walk and enjoy some hot snacks. I eat like samosas, hot gulab jamubs etc.

I am not so good writer, still needs to improve much..:( But i will always try to share some moments here you guys..:D